CODECS 2013 Workshop, Madrid (2013).

The Codecs 2013 meeting was the fourth workshop within the COST Action "Convergent Distributed Environment for computational Spectroscopy". It was intended to bring together CODECS scientists from the fourth Working Groups either to present the latest advances of their cooperative research of to open complementary lines of collaborations. Besides the general topics within the CODECS objectives, we can number as more specific session topics in this meeting:

(1) Spectroscopy and charge-transfer processes at the interface between organic molecules and surfaces with density functional theory and beyond.

(2) Theoretical descriptions of complex solvent environment with macroscopic (continuum) and microscopic approaches.

(3) Mixed QM/MM studies of biological mechamisms.

(4) Highly accurate spectroscopy of molecular systems including wide-amplitude (highly anharmonic) nuclear motions and van der Waals interactions.

(5) Dynamical effects in the slow motion regime.


María Pilar de Lara-Castells (chair); José Campos Martínez;Mar Reguero de la Poza; Malgorzata  Biczysko